Outgoing Circuit Attorney Backed By George Soros Makes Another Grave Error

Across the United States, left-wing billionaire George Soros has gotten well-known for throwing his cash behind various candidates seeking public office. These candidates, upon becoming elected officials, have a bad pattern of looking the other way on crime.

This hence leads to more chaos and less safety in neighborhoods. Right now, more Americans are pushing back against this and refusing to allow criminals to run amuck in communities.

That’s exactly why Kim Gardner, the circuit attorney of St. Louis, Missouri, is going to be resigning from office next month. Though the Gateway Pundit reports that even amid the time she has left in office, horrible decisions are still being made.

Yet Another Miscarriage of Justice

During a festival for Cinco de Mayo, a woman opted to open fire in a crowd, thereby causing multiple injuries. Naturally, this woman was arrested after law enforcement discovered what she had done.

Yet, for reasons that remain a mystery, Gardner refused to bring any legal charges against the shooter. Therefore, the woman is back on the streets and there’s no release of her name, owing to the lack of charges.

On Gardner’s watch, crime has significantly spiraled out of control. It is for this reason that many Americans – both in and out of Missouri – are looking forward to her exit from office.

The Bigger Picture

In St. Louis and other communities nationwide, crime has completely spiraled out of control. At the end of the day, all of this traces back to Democrats who are opting not to follow the law and do their jobs to ensure the streets are safe.

Holding criminals accountable is just as important as upholding policies that also foster general public safety. Leaders who refuse to do this should be promptly booted out of office.

At this rate, there’s no telling how much more damage Gardner will do between now and her departure from the role of circuit attorney.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.