Ousted British PM Hits Back Hard!

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the Bayeux Tapestry the “biggest stitch-up until” he was ousted by his very own Conservative party.

Johnson still appears to be upset over losing his jobs as UK prime minister and head of the Conservative party.

Boris is Hitting Back

The remarks were apparently made by Johnson at his own wedding ceremony over the weekend.

He also gave many speeches making fun of both himself and his political adversaries, many of whom toiled assiduously from within his own government to unseat the incumbent PM.

The most incisive of these remarks, according to Johnson, was his claim that his own comrades forced him to leave as prime minister.

Despite acknowledging he had “become conscious of the storm on the horizon,” Johnson reportedly described being pushed out of the way as a “stitch-up” that he likened to one of the most well-known embroideries in the entire world.

The PM also spoke of getting a lot of resignation requests in the run-up to his political doom. However, he quipped most of these “masses of resignation requests” were from his own “closest relatives.”

Johnson apparently made comments about his own future, suggesting that given his string of terrible incidents, he may take on new difficulties that will unavoidably result in more chaos.

He allegedly said the following to the audience at the wedding, which included friends, relatives, and some of the most significant political personalities in the UK:

“There are numerous chances, which lead to catastrophes, and disasters may lead to new chances, including potential for fresh calamities.”

The next PM is being touted by political supporters in the UK and Ukraine to perhaps lead the organization once its present Secretary-General resigns, which is expected to happen next year.

This might lead to further calamities for Johnson and, according to the circumstances, the globe.

Johnson Winning the PR Campaign

The Prime Minister’s staunch support for Ukraine looks to have won him favor among some of the West’s war hawks.

However, the nomination is far from guaranteed, given that it would need the support of Emmanual Macron’s cabinet. The French president previously called BoJo a clown.

Regarding the potential meeting, one Ukrainian MP stated, “Boris Johnson’s governance during this war guaranteed that vital military, financial, and humanistic materials have been supplied to Ukraine.”

Another MP from Johnson’s own group stated the PM had already been going to lead the western civilization when it came to the war in Ukraine.

Regardless of whether Boris Johnson succeeds in winning the job or not, it is evident the departing leader is going to enjoy his supposedly final days in office.

Johnson has been spotted taking selfie vids on YouTube while flying in a British jet fighter and maintaining close ties with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.