O'Rourke Thinks Living Near Your Job is a "Right"

For quite some time, the Democrat Party has very clearly let Americans know what they view as “rights.” By their own admission, the left believes that free healthcare and free higher education are “rights.” This is why the circus of 2020 Democrats are promising to remove the notable costs associated with college and healthcare; what they’re not telling everyone is that the “freebies” will be paid for by increasing the taxes of hardworking Americans.

As of late, Democrats also decided that absolution from student loan debt is a “right,” although the most recent “right” which the left has deemed as relevant is outlandish, even by progressive standards.

On Monday, 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke drew attention to himself after claiming that poor Americans have a “right” to live near their jobs, as documented by Fox News.

Everything You Need to Know

In a nutshell, O’Rourke alleged that lower income people who live far away from their jobs are forced to drivemultiple hours in order to work; the 2020 hopeful then claimed that this reality contributes to differences in quality of life between the rich and the poor.

After stating that living in proximity to one’s employment shouldn’t be an exclusive “luxury” for wealthy people, O’Rourke expressed an interest in “forcing” wealthy people to ensure that lower-income individuals live near their jobs.

See for yourself:

At no point on this tangent did O’Rourke provide evidence that living near one’s job is a “right.” It’s actually quite a remarkable take, though; people in this country make choices to live in various communities and work in certain locations. The idea that well-off people should be bullied by the government because they made better choices than others is simply outrageous.

Even for O’Rourke, his latest declaration is out there and absurdly embarrassing. It seems as though there’s truly no rock bottom for the Democrat Party, especially when candidates in the 2020 race are involved.

The Longest Running Joke

Everyday, there’s a new and even more outrageous story in the press about Democrats; if the debacle doesn’t pertain to a 2020 presidential candidate, it has to do with a House caucus member.

The left has truly been driven insane by the Trump presidency and is self-imploding as they desperately attempt to take down Trump. What Democrats have yet to realize is that they’re hurting themselves in worse ways than the president ever could. All they have to do is give a microphone to one of their candidates or elected officials.

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