Oregon Working to Pass Permanent Statewide Mask Mandate

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When it comes to coronavirus government restrictions and mandates, many states across the nation are moving in the right direction. States are loosening limitations imposed upon businesses, striking down mask mandates, and otherwise not standing in the way of individual freedoms anymore. 

“Hand holding mask and a note Internation” (CC BY 2.0) by focusonmore.com

However, in the case of Oregon, a deeply leftist state, the opposite situation is happening. Oregon officials are looking for ways to strengthen their grip on power by using “health and safety” as a ruse; however, the rest of the nation isn’t fooled. 

New reports from Townhall confirm that Oregon is presently looking at making mask-wearing and social distancing restrictions permanent throughout the state. 

A Permanent Mask Mandate in Oregon? 

Once leftists get their hands on power, they do not relinquish it easily. Oregon health officials maintain that making social distancing and face covering mandates permanent will help curtail the “effects of the pandemic.” 

According to Oregon health administrator Michael Wood, the permanent restrictions would eventually be lifted once the workplace no longer needs to manage the impacts of COVID-19. However, this indefinite deadline with no set period is far from reassuring.

In fact, Democrat leaders and health officials have established a pattern of moving the goalposts; they say one thing when it comes to this virus and then later change their minds. They claim to want to lift restrictions, but then supposedly cannot do so because of another variant or new surge of cases. 

The quest for power will never end until the public decides they won’t abide by it any longer. For conservatives, this clear power grab doesn’t come as a shock. 

Do Oregon Residents Support a Permanent Mask Mandate? 

It turns out that the people of Oregon are not thrilled about their health officials looking to make masks the new normal. 

Thus far, 60K Oregon residents have signed a petition in opposition against a permanent mask mandate. Oregonians are furthermore frustrated that their leaders won’t give a deadline or criteria for what’s necessary for them to lift restrictions.

Workers, parents, teachers, business owners, etc., have come out in full force against making the state’s mask requirement permanent. Meanwhile, Wood claims that he’s accessing the responses he’s gotten to make an ultimate choice by May 4. 

What do you think about Oregon health officials pushing for a permanent statewide mask mandate? Do you view this as a safety measure or a power grab? Let us know down below in the comments section.