Oregon Residents Required to Wear Face Coverings

"Governor Kate Brown" (CC BY 2.0) by OregonDOT

Amid reports of surging coronavirus cases, face masks are getting a stronger and heavier push. Left-wing celebrities, health officials, and even elected officials on both sides of the political aisle are saying that Americans should wear face masks while in public.
Face mask mandates continue to pop up in various areas and states across the country. The narrative behind this maintains that masking will ultimately reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prevent overwhelming hospitals. However, many Americans take issue with the government “requiring” them to cover their faces.

One of the latest states to implement a face mask mandate is Oregon. Breitbart News reports Governor Kate Brown’s decree that Oregon residents cover their faces with masks while in public.

What to Know About Oregon’s Face Mask Mandate

Starting on Wednesday, July 1, Oregon residents are required to wear face coverings while they are out and about. Gov. Brown stated that this directive comes as COVID-19 cases continue to increase at an “alarming” rate.
The Oregon governor additionally made the case that masking is an essential mitigation strategy to avoid regressing into yet another shutdown; this is a common talking point amongst individuals who favor compulsory face masking.

Brown also professed that coronavirus cases are rising faster than the healthcare community can test them; this prompted her next call for Oregon residents to enjoy minimal celebrations for the Fourth of July.
Citing the need to keep Independence Day “small and local,” the Oregon governor claimed that state residents “can all make a difference” this weekend.

Social Pushback from Oregonians

Oregon residents are pushing back against the governor’s decision to “require” face masks starting tomorrow. In fact, many people across the nation reject the notion that giving up freedom for “the greater good” is anything other than a slippery slope.

Some Twitter users slammed the Oregon governor, likening her face mask mandate to that of Adolf Hitler. Others noted that face mask mandates infringe upon individuals’ abilities to control their own lives, bodies, and health.
Others questioned Governor Brown for her permissive stance towards Black Lives Matter protests and additional riots with a leftist cause.
Some Americans have brought lawsuits against officials ordering face coverings. Many others view such mandates as unconstitutional. Only time will tell whether or not Oregon residents decide to take legal action against Governor Brown.
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