Oregon County Orders White People to Cover Faces

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Critics of mandatory face masks have long maintained that this measure is about social control and submission, rather than public health. The left continues to overplay their hand and prove this point as they employ fascist methods to bully Americans into covering their faces.
No matter how many times the left repeats this lie that forced masking is the way to go, more and more people are seeing right through it.

Not too long ago, the Oregon-based Lincoln County stated that non-white people are exempt from orders to wear face masks in public. White people, however, are ordered to cover their faces or face legal penalties, reports Fox News.

What to Know About Lincoln County’s Face Mask Exemption

Lincoln County health “experts” determined that people of color are exempt from face mask directives due to “racial profiling and harassment.” These so-called professionals made the argument that individuals of color who cover their faces may be regarded with suspicion and thus discriminated against.
Health officials then went on to state that, for people of color, the decision to wear a mask or not is a “lose-lose situation.”
What Lincoln County fails to realize is that their “exemption” is just more evidence that face masks are about intimidation and tyranny, rather than public health. Either everyone should wear masks or no one should wear them.
In and of itself, forced masking is a civil rights violation; however, cherrypicking hurts the left’s own narrative about the efficacy of face coverings. Determining rules for one group purely based on their race is the very definition of racism, something which Democrats frequently pretend to be against.

How is ordering “whites only” to wear face coverings in public any different from segregated bathrooms or water fountains? The left perpetuates exactly what they profess to oppose; doing so under the guide of “public health” doesn’t change the reality.
How do you view Lincoln County, Oregon’s order for only white people to wear face masks? Share your takeaways with us in the comments section down below.