An Open Letter to Biden: How to Fix the Border

Memo to the Biden government: The documented strategy for dealing with a summertime migratory spike at the border does not satisfy purple-state Democrats who specifically requested one.

Don’t Ignore the Advice

After reading a statement from the Department of Homeland Security about how the department will cope with an influx of migrants at the border, numerous congressional Democrats are advocating for a delay in lifting Title 42 border limitations.

Some of them want a congressional vote to protest President Biden’s divisive policy shift from his predecessor.

“They still have work to do,” said Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.), who is up for reelection and just flew to the southern border.

Hassan is one of the Democrats pressing for a legislative delay of Biden’s change in policy, which he announced for May 23. She stated she will “keep working for it.”

The DHS directive came after a barrage of criticism from weak Democratic lawmakers and Senate contenders over Biden’s move to lift immigration restrictions.

While the change in policy was temporarily halted by a federal judge this week, Title 42 remains a political hotspot and a litmus test for Biden’s party’s policy on immigration.

Hassan was not the only sitting Democrat who is still sounding the alarm. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) stated she had yet to see a “complete plan.”

“There’s getting items on a sheet of parchment and what’s happening on the southern border; there’s a significant difference,” says Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ).

It’s still conceivable that the courts will intervene to prevent more border modifications and salvage Democrats’ internal debate, but until then, the issue will remain front and center in Congress.

Conservatives maintained their desire to push a vote on it this week, regardless of what happens with any court judge’s decision.

To the Democrats

That applies to Democrats as well, with some claiming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer owes them a vote on a joint plan that would keep COVID-related border restrictions in place.

While recognizing his colleagues are divided, Schumer stated earlier last week that Title 42 “could not be used to actually hold vital things like COVID assistance.”

He continued, “we’re going to work with it to see if we can get to a stance that our parties can concur on.”

The DHS letter goes into greater depth on the resources available to deal with an expected influx of migrants if the border is completely reopened.

It also talks about measures to stop “transnational criminal groups and traffickers” from bringing people and drugs across the border.

Several Democratic congressmembers and candidates said last month that until Biden has a better strategy for dealing with the impact, he should change direction and keep the policy of turning back people at the border.

The official version is that screening migrants would make the border safer by allowing those caught entering illegally to face criminal charges.