Omar, Tlaib Banned from Entering Israel

Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib account for one half of “The Squad” and they’re extremely problematic. Since these congresswomen’s time in office, they’ve made various anti-Semitic statements which even Democrats have been forced to push back against.

Although both Omar and Tlaib have attempted to explain away their classifications of 9/11 as “some people did something” and the assertion that the Holocaust somehow provides a “calming” feeling, people aren’t buying it. The reality is that America has had it with the bigoted statements from Omar and Tlaib.

Apparently, the United States isn’t the only one to feel the way. On Thursday, Israel officially banned Omar and Tlaib from entering the country, as documented by Fox News. Both congresswomen have repeatedly spoken out against Israel, with Omar going as far to suggest that American politicians are paid to support Israel.

Reviewing the Ban Against the Congresswomen

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concerns that Omar and Tlaib’s previously scheduled visit would simply serve as a means to increase measures against the nation. Netanyahu furthermore spoke out about the perils of the two congresswomen using their visit as a means to promote hated and division. In light of the attitudes which Omar and Tlaib have displayed, the prime minister’s take is quite understandable.

Since learning of the ban, Tlaib and Omar have jumped at the chance to play the victim. Omar even when as far as to claim that Israel is enacting a “Muslim ban.” What’s important to remember is that neither one of these congresswomen is a victim, nor is the Israeli prime minister under any obligation to allow Omar or Tlaib into the country.

Tlaib spoke to the press following the announcement:

Justice Served

When Tlaib and Omar routinely make belittling statements about the Holocaust and Israel, they should not be shocked when they’re banned from entering the country. If these two congresswoman truly believe what they have said so many times, they shouldn’t have any qualms about Israel denying them entry.

Rhetoric has consequences. As elected officials, Tlaib and Omar ought to know better than to say a lot of what they’ve said, especially regarding Israel and the Holocaust. Their clear ignorance on how to serve as effective members of the United States House of Representatives is actually quite concerning. This now leaves many Americans wondering what this half of “The Squad” will do next.

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