Omar Said Her Anti-Semitism Represents…‘Great Progress’

House Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to show her true colors, as do the people who proceed in supporting her. The newly elected congresswoman has made headlines over the past few weeks due to her pattern of anti-Semitic commentary.

Rather than issuing a sincere apology and simply leaving it at that, Omar has instead elected to double down on her troubling statements. Recently, she alleged that her remarks serve as “great progress” within the United States; this is documented by Townhall.

The Latest Update on Omar’s Anti-Semitism

The remarks of Ilhan Omar very clearly indicate that she sees no issues with constantly spewing anti-Semitic rhetoric. As a matter of fact, she actually believes that what she’s saying is good for the country.

See for yourself:

If Omar’s goal is to ensure that Americans are “uncomfortable around her, then she has most definitely succeeded. It’s interesting that she’s allowed to make these statements and yet still maintain support from the Democrats and the majority of the left-wing.

If a white, Republican male made a fraction of the anti-Semitic utterances that Omar has made (and doubled down on), he would be eviscerated by the mainstream media. Progressives would take to the streets and the right-wing would never hear the end of the evils of bigotry and hatred about Jewish people.

The Turning Point

At this point in America, the left-wing has some decisions to make. Will they continue to stand by a clear anti-Semite or will they speak out and rightfully condemn her statements? Omar has offered a lackluster apology at best, yet continues to make it clear that she is not truly sorry for her remarks. It is an unfortunate time in America when an open anti-Semite is allowed to sit in Congress and make decisions that can impact so many people in this country.

Shame on the Democrats.

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