Omar Blames Trump Administration for Southern Border Crisis

Rep. Ilhan Omar is pointing the finger and blaming the Trump administration and border patrol officials for a situation which is currently underway at the United States Southern border, as documented by Townhall.
This is quite typical; regardless of what the case may be, radical progressives always find a way to assign blame to President Trump.

Reviewing Omar’s Take on the Border Crisis

Days ago, Omar appeared on PRI’s ‘The World’ in order to talk about the manner in which immigration is approached and the faults which she believes the Trump administration has in all this.
In Omar’s own words:

“We have to look at our immigration process through a humane lens and what this administration is doing really truly is inhumane and extremely unAmerican and it goes against our values. We’re talking about people who are coming to our border, seeking asylum, and there’s nothing illegal about seeking asylum.”

Omar then insinuated that migrants who attempt to (and sometimes succeed in) illegally enter(ing) the country are not breaking the law:

“We have an opportunity to use the resources that we have to properly process people and we have an administration that is hell-bent on making people seem as if they are breaking laws when they are just within the borders of what is allowed by international law.”

Dissecting Omar’s Take on the Border Crisis

This is an enthralling take. What the congresswoman interestingly neglected to mention is that fact that migrants often go through many safe countries where they could seek asylum prior to landing at America’s Southern border. Furthermore, the United States is not obligated to provide asylum to anyone. That decision remains at this nation’s discretion, contrary to what progressives may believe.
Assigning misplaced blame will not solve the situations which are happening at the Southern border. It also won’t halt illegal immigration. Quite frankly, Ilhan Omar ought to always be ashamed of herself.
What do you think about the congresswoman’s statements regarding the border crisis? Sound off in the comments section down below!
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