Oklahoma Rolls Back Statewide Coronavirus Restrictions

"Oklahoma National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

In a hopeful turn, more and more states are stopping the COVID-19 restrictions that much of the nation experienced in 2020.

Mitigation measures like lockdowns, face mask mandates, etc. were always meant to “flatten the curve,” per the experts; although, as time passed, the “experts” began to move the goalposts on a deadline for these measures, while also breaking their own edicts.

“Oklahoma National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

While some people have no issues with shutting down and masking up until the end of time, a growing number of Americans are ready for a return to normal. This is evidenced in increasing rates of travelers, social pushback against mask mandates, and businesses gradually choosing to open up.

Thankfully, Republican leaders seem to be getting the memo. Breitbart News confirms that Oklahoma GOP Governor Kevin Stitt has joined the list of Republican leaders who are relaxing statewide coronavirus restrictions.

No More COVID-19 Restrictions in Oklahoma

Yesterday, the Oklahoma governor spoke with Fox News about the state’s response to COVID-19. Stitt explained that Oklahoma has remained open since June 2020 and that he’s not afraid to compare the state’s data to the data of states shut down and under severe restrictions.

The Republican governor then continued. Governor Stitt told Fox News that restrictions lifted in Oklahoma simply involved ending capacity limits and mask mandates for certain buildings. Stitt also informed that his state remains “months and months ahead” of other states that have chosen to lock down.

Data supports the actions and assertions of the Oklahoma governor too. COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state are down by 85%. Moreover, the coronavirus curve in Oklahoma remains very much flat. Finally, the Oklahoma governor explained that freedom is what his state is all about, not the government selecting winners and losers.

Getting America Back to Normal

Getting the nation back to normal demands reopening. It also demands allowing individuals to make their own decisions on how they wish to respond to COVID-19. Three different vaccines are available; moreover, with over one year past since the inception of this virus, the nation knows who is most vulnerable.

Here’s the reality: states like Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, etc., are leading the charge to a free America. Countless polls have shown that as time passes, the less support exists for widespread lockdowns. Americans want to get back to normal; this means lifting restrictions and also promoting freedoms.

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