Official Investigation Being Launched Into Fauci and the Origins of COVID

The Republican Party has control of the House of Representatives and they intend to use it.

Thankfully, as promised, one of the first things they will be doing is launching an investigation into the start of COVID and officials like Dr. Fauci who were involved in America’s response.

Various letters were sent to Fauci and others on Monday demanding any information they have about the origins of COVID-19 and the possibility it came out of a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, China.

The original story that COVID somehow started organically in a “wet market” in Wuhan has been increasingly contradicted by scientific researchers and investigators.

What is the Focus of the Investigation?

Congressman Brad Wenstrup of Ohio is chairing the committee and said the focus of the investigation will be finding out exactly “where and how” COVID started.

The reason is to ensure nothing like this takes the United States by surprise ever again. As Wenstrup said, any officials who knowingly buried information or engaged in any “cover-up” will also be held fully “accountable.”

Letters demanding information have been sent out to numerous officials, including Fauci, top intelligence official Avril Haines, secretary of health Xavier Becerra, and many more.

At least in this case, Republicans are doing something they said they would do. They are digging into the origins of this virus which turned American life and the American economy upside down under flimsy, unproven scientific claims.

This includes the unproven allegations about how it started, which Americans were somehow just supposed to accept with zero proof.

Spy Coverup?

The GOP has claimed for a while now that America’s IC (Intelligence Community) had members who were hiding certain aspects of what was known about COVID, which is part of why Haines is being called on by the investigation.

According to various Republicans, there are some signs that COVID was actually a “bioweapon” being worked on in the Wuhan lab and got out by mistake. The IC has already said that this is not something any top official or source believes is true.

The letters at this point are voluntary, but Wenstrup said subpoenas are forthcoming for those who refuse to cooperate and contribute to this investigation.

Trump himself wanted more of an investigation into how COVID started. Biden ordered a look into it in May 2021 as well. No firm conclusions contradicting the wet market hypothesis were reached.

It remains to be seen what this investigation might turn up.

The Bottom Line

Fauci and other top officials say that the obsession over the virus’ origin and not believing he and other officials are conspiracy “nonsense.”

Fauci has even said those who don’t trust him don’t believe in science. Let’s hope this investigation keeps going until we find out every single fact possible.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.