"Obsessed" Pelosi Slammed Following Attacks on President Trump

In this week alone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has amped up attacks on President Trump. From accusing him of throwing a “temper tantrum” to claiming that Trump has obstructed justice and needs an intervention, Pelosi has held nothing back.
However, the speaker of the House may not be expecting some of the pushback which is coming her way. Last night, Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham shared her thoughts on Pelosi’s recent behavior, particularly in regards to the president.

What Does Ingraham Think of Nancy Pelosi?

On The Ingraham Angle, Ingraham stated that Pelosi’s wellness has declined in recent years, largely prompted by her “obsession” with President Trump.
In Ingraham’s own words:

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t seem well. The Pelosi I remember was a hard-charging California congresswoman with big, bold legislative ideas. Although Republicans opposed her Obama-era tax-and-spend, the stimulus or her ObamaCare cramdown, at least she was doing something; but now she spends her days obsessed with President Trump, muttering and sputtering.”

Ingraham’s criticism of the House Speaker didn’t stop regarding the latter’s statements about President Trump. She additionally censured the manner in which Pelosi has managed her position of speaker of the House.
According to Ingraham, Pelosi has “nothing to show for it but resistance.” This commentary comes amidst Pelosi’s baseless assertions that President Trump somehow wants Democrats to impeach him in order to solidify his base.

The Truth about Nancy Pelosi

Like many Democrats, Nancy Pelosi is suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Instead of sitting down and working with the president on matters of importance, such as infrastructure and immigration, the House Speaker would rather promote conspiracy theories. None of the statements which Pelosi has made in this week alone have indicated a willingness to put partisan differences aside and work for the American people.
What do you think of Ingraham’s assertions about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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