Obama’s Brother Pledges Support for Republican Doug Mastriano

Former President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, backed Doug Mastriano, a Republican running for governor of Pennsylvania.

This Sunday, Malik Obama tweeted in response to a post by Republican author and podcaster Jack Posobiec; he advised the senior Obama ought to “check out” Mastriano because he might like him.

Obama Supports Mastriano

Obama replied to the post, saying, “If he’s with President Trump, then I’m behind @dougmastriano Pennsylvania Senator PA District 33.”

The 45th president stated that Mastriano is a pro-Trump, America First candidate who would also support the U.S. military and veterans. He will likewise combat crime, deal with election-related issues, advance pro-life legislation, and defend the Second Amendment.

Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro is running against Mastriano, an Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran. Recent polls indicate Shapiro is in the lead.

Malik Obama also offered his opinion on the Brazilian presidential election contest involving incumbent Conservative President Jair Bolsonaro and liberal candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in a different post on Sunday.

As a result of neither candidate receiving more than 50% of the vote on Sunday, a run-off election for the next round will take place later this month.

In an obvious reference to the time Lula spent in prison, following his conviction on charges of financial fraud and corruption, Petrobras, the older Obama brother, attacked Lula on Twitter, writing that “Lula of Brazil is a jailbird.”

Lula was imprisoned for 580 days before his verdict was reversed by the Supreme Court, which ruled he should be prosecuted in his home state, rather than the one where he was charged.

This decision opened the door for a 2022 presidential bid. He has not yet had a new trial in court.

Malik Obama already stated he supports Donald Trump. The billionaire informed the media in 2016 that he intended to fly from Kenya to the US in November to support the Republican nominee for president.

Obama Prefers Trump

From his residence in the town of Kogelo, Malik Obama stated to the New York Post, “I prefer Donald Trump since he talks from the heart.”

Based on the newspaper’s reporting, he praised Trump for being a “down-to-earth kind of guy” who “confronts matters and doesn’t mince his words.”

Obama expressed disappointment in the FBI’s decision not to bring charges against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over the contentious use of a private email server for official correspondence when she served as secretary of state.

Just at that time, Trump responded to his remarks on Facebook by writing, “Amazing, President Obama’s brother, Malik, just declared he is supporting me,” noting he “was undoubtedly treated poorly by the president—like everyone else!”

Due to divergent political opinions, Malik Obama claimed last month that he hasn’t spoken to former President Obama since 2015.