Hunter Biden Wanted Money from Libyan Warlords to Unfreeze Accounts

As per independent researcher Glenn Greenwald, the leak of a new sensational study from Business Insider shows Hunter Biden desired a $2 million per annum retainer to help in the recovering of Libyan assets seized by President Obama.

This happened while Hunter’s dad, Joe Biden, had been vice president; this also demonstrates the mainstream press lied to the American people about the Biden family.

Is this a Crime?

This revelation on Hunter’s criminal purported business transactions adds to overwhelming proof the letters obtained on the 51-year-old Wilmington native’s computer are legitimate. This is according to Greenwald, who helped break the Edward Snowden-NSA scandal and now blogs for Substack.

The Insider statement is based on letters that were not on that specific hard disk. This was the one given to the FBI and then New York City Chief Rudolph Giuliani by a now-retired Wilmington repair company.

The Insider revealed information from two unconnected letters earlier Thursday; one is from Democrat contributor Sam Jauhari to Obama donor Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani. The other is dated Jan. 28, 2015, from liberal donor Sam Jauhari to Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani.

“According to a phone discussion I had with #2 son, he wants a $2 annual retainer. His father is debating whether or not to run for office, “Jauhari penned in his letter.

Hunter’s “positives,” according to him, including being head of the United Nations World Food Plan and becoming a business associate of “SOS J. Forbes K.’s son.” Hunter has been connected to Christopher Heinz (the retired Massachusetts senator’s son-in-law) via his wedding to ketchup socialite Teresa Heinz-Kerry.

Greenwald informed host Tucker Carlson, “The proof was strong from the start, Tucker, that the letters were legitimate. Yet still, they told lies, as you just showed, trying to persuade people not to pay more attention to them.”

“This happened on the basis the letters were deliberate misinformation, that the messages were fictitious,” he said. Greenwald has followed Carlson’s montage of mainstream news statistics, denouncing former President Trump and questioning the truthfulness of the initial New York Post’s report on the disputed computer.

Politico Knew Ages Ago

Greenwald went on to say that Politico journalist Ben Schreckinger sifted through the laptop’s messages; he then discovered confirmation they were genuine, which he used to write a book.

“This means the news organizations misled to the public in the weeks leading up to the election. They did this by claiming this was Russian misinformation when they realized it wasn’t accurate.”

Regardless of the fact that Schreckinger’s company, Politico, is considered a major outlet, Greenwald claims the media continues to obfuscate by mostly “ignoring” him. Carlson went on to say that the implications of the Libya emails are “extremely dangerous.”

“Hillary Clinton assassinated Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi for motives that have never been revealed, then cash from the [Tripoli] government was seized. It’s a huge thing if Hunter Biden was pressing the US government for that money when his father was vice president. It’s most likely a crime,” Carlson stated.