NYC Can Now Fine You Up to $250K for Saying "Illegal Alien"

When someone unlawfully crosses the United States border, this makes them an “illegal alien,” by definition. Despite how much the left-wing tends to glamorize and justify illegal immigration, it’s not something which should be tolerated in the United States. Thankfully, since President Trump’s time in office, there have been significant measures taken for the sole purpose of halting illegal entry into this country.

Of course, many Democrats aren’t happy about this and have chosen to express their displeasure in various ways. The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that New York City has now made it illegal to refer to individuals as “illegal aliens” or to instruct them to “go back to [their] country.” Threatening to alert Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) based on “discriminatory motives” is also illegal in New York City. Failure to abide by this law can result in up to a $250,000 fine.

It’s truly a sad day in America when New York City cares more about the verbal terminology used to describe illegal immigration more than they care about the inherent crime of illegal immigration itself.

Everything You Need to Know about the NYC Law

The announcement of the new law came via New York City’s Commission on Human Rights. Of course, Democrat mayor and failed 2020 presidential candidate Bill de Blasio is celebrating the idea of criminalizing and fining speech.

As you might imagine, this law is facing significant pushback. Many Americans have noted the perils of criminalizing speech. Others also stated that such a mandate is unconstitutional and that New York City would do well to prepare for impending lawsuits. An abundance of individuals made their problems known with this law via Twitter:

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is facing a series of issues in the city which he is supposed to be leading. It’s unfortunate that he’d rather police speech than deal with real issues which are impacting citizens of New York City.

It’s also important to note that back in 2017, de Blasio referred to illegal aliens as “law-abiding.” By definition, this is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a law-abiding illegal alien because sneaking into the country is inherently criminal.

Left-Wing Fascism

In the left’s desperation to stick it to President Trump and other conservatives, they continue to become more and more radical. Criminalizing speech directly violates the United States Constitution and as other Americans stated, New York City should certainly get ready for the lawsuits which are coming their way.

Illegal immigration is a crime. Referring to illegal aliens as what they are is not a criminal offense, nor is alerting ICE or directing illegal immigrants to return to their countries of origin. If immigrants wish to come to America, they are more than welcome to do so, but only if they come legally.

The most interesting detail of all is that leftists have the mental bandwidth to distinguish between 85 different genders, but they can’t differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal aliens.

How long do you think it will take for a lawsuit to shut down this new and unconstitutional law in New York City? Sound off in the comments section below!