Newsom: No Return to Normal for California Without a Vaccine

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

California Governor Gavin Newsom continues to face lawsuits, social unrest, and uprisings in response to his stay-at-home order. Despite these responses, Newsom still fails to understand that indefinite lockdowns are not the answer to coronavirus.

As a matter of fact, pushback against the California governor’s tyrannical mandate seems to have encouraged him to dig his heels in, rather than listen to state residents.
Breitbart News documents Newsom’s claims that the state will not return to any form of normalcy without a vaccine for COVID-19.

Newsom on the “New Normal” of California

The California governor has given the green light for businesses like flower shops, bookstores, clothing retail stores, etc. to resume operations, with certain guidelines. In so doing, Newsom also professed that establishments such as restaurants, offices, and the like will not be able to reopen for business for quite some time.
However, the most problematic aspect of the California governor’s statements is the assertion that the Golden State won’t return to normal without a vaccination. Gov. Newsom instead stated that California is headed towards a “new normal” with “adaptations and modifications.”

The Leftist Agenda for a “New Normal”

Many Democrats have attempted to claim that current restrictions in place are parts of a “new normal” that Americans should get used to. Of course, this only further proves that left-wingers are using COVID-19 to completely overturn the fabric of what it means to be an American.

It doesn’t get much plainer than demanding Americans adapt to a “new normal.” Thankfully, however, there are an increasing amount of individuals, counties, and police sheriffs in California who will not be abiding by Newsom’s order to stay home.
What do you think about Democrats’ push for a “new normal?” Do you believe that there’s a vaccine to be had for coronavirus? Furthermore, would you be willing to accept such a vaccination? Let us know in the comments section below!