New York Put on Lockdown Once More

"New York city lights" (CC BY 2.0) by pcambraf

As time passes, it is becoming more and more apparent that Democrat governors have every intention of continuing to lock down their states.
This comes even after the World Health Organization walked back their previous support for lockdowns, stating that they do more harm than good. Critics of lockdowns, from the beginning, however, warned that mandatory mask orders, gathering limits, and shutdowns were about control, not public health.

According to developments from Breitbart News, New York is back on lockdown. The Empire State’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo made sure of that yesterday.

No End in Sight for New Yorkers

In a Twitter statement, Governor Cuomo professed that New York is “taking action” to halt the transmission of COVID-19.
As such, the Democrat governor decreed that gyms, bars, and restaurants are under orders to close down at 10:00 PM. These orders commence beginning tomorrow, with seemingly no end in sight; Cuomo has yet to announce a timeframe for lifting these restrictions.

In addition to slapping fresh restrictions on already-struggling businesses, New York’s governor also stated that no more than ten individuals are permitted to gather with one another; this includes the space within New Yorkers’ personal homes.
It’s important to note that New York has previously undergone stringent shutdowns; yet somehow, these measures seem to lack effectiveness in stopping the spread of coronavirus. Apparently, the left’s response to this is just more lockdowns.

The Cure Cannot be Worse than the Problem

President Trump, along with other Republicans, continues to caution that the “cure” for coronavirus should not be more detrimental than the problem itself. This is a warning that the left collectively ignores in their quest to maintain control.
Democrats profess to be following the science; yet, they’ve disregarded the World Health Organization’s own statements that actually caution against lockdowns. Until Democrat governors are legally challenged in a court of law and not permitted to instate lockdowns, it appears that they will not stop.

States with the heaviest shutdown orders are still reporting increases in COVID-19; to some folks, that would indicate that the one-size-fits-all, shut-it-down-or-else approach to coronavirus is not working. Nevertheless, Democrats in power are showing zero interest in relinquishing their power over people’s lives, wellbeings, and livelihoods.
What do you think about New York going back into lockdown mode yet again? Are lockdowns making the issue of COVID-19 worse? We want to know your thoughts on these issues in the comments section below!