New York Democrats Turn Against Incumbent Governor As Crime Takes Over City

Many devoted Democrats are endorsing Republican Lee Zeldin for governor of New York, claiming Gov. Kathy Hochul’s record on crime and school issues put them off.

Crime Rules New York

Madeline Brame, whose son got killed in New York City, Yiatin Chu, the Asian Wave Alliance president, and former Democratic New York State official Dov Hikind spoke on “Fox & Friends” to explore why these problems are at the forefront of this election year.

“Who is in charge of this city? That is a valid concern,” Brame explained to co-host Steve Doocy.

“I suppose criminals control the city. The crooks dominate the area. They do anything they want, whenever they want, however they want, and to whoever they want without any repercussions.”

In 2018, Army Sgt. Hason Correa, the son of Brame, was murdered in Harlem after being attacked with a knife by multiple individuals.

As transportation violence continues to rise, she stated she had been trampled on the train previously this year when commuters tried to flee from a passenger with a gun.

Brame stated she “definitely” does not feel comfortable on the streets of New York City, which is why she supports Zeldin.

“The most crucial role of government is to safeguard its population. That is not occurring with the Democrats in charge, with Hochul as governor,” stated Hikind in reference to the crime increase.

“They have absolutely no idea. People are anxious. People are fearful. People are terrified to board the train. This is not the essence of America and New York.” Hikind stated the topic of public safety ought to be nonpartisan.

Hikind stated, “This isn’t about being a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or any other political affiliation. You must support Lee Zeldin if you value our state and desire to continue living here. Or else, it’s simply going to become worse.”

Nevertheless, crime is not the only topic on the ballot in November for New Yorkers.

Education is also a top priority, as youngsters in New York continue to suffer from school closures caused by government officials. Parents have also speculated as to whether Hochul will eventually introduce a COVID vaccination requirement for children.

New York Falls Under Hochul

During their debate previously this week, Zeldin and Hochul discussed the subject. While Zeldin stated he would never force the vaccination, Hochul stated she still wouldn’t “at this moment.”

Chu stated, “I do not like the path our schools have taken. The previous few years have been extremely difficult for New York City families. I believe we’re currently in a poor position.”

She said, “So the last couple of years, two and a half years of upheaval with the epidemic, the masking of children, and the looming parents, created anxiety about vaccine requirements. ”

“All of these factors are on the minds of families as they consider who to select the next governor.”