New York Democrats Halt Tuition for Gold Star Families, Approve Aid for Illegal Immigrants


Once again, Democrats continue to show the American people where their loyalties and allegiance lie.

According to The Blaze, Democrats in New York recently shut down legislation which would have provided college tuition to the children of Gold Star families; in addition to shutting down the aforementioned bill, Democrats furthermore approved $27 million dollars for DREAMers, a.k.a. illegal immigrants.

Reviewing New York Democrats’ Decision

The decision of New York Democrats should not come as a shock to anyone who is relatively familiar with American politics and the various applicable dynamics. According to the Democrats, college tuition for children of Gold Star families was simply not in the budget. However, the apparently strained budget still allowed for illegal immigrants to be granted a grand total of $27 million dollars. Sometimes, people choose what they really want to spend money on.

The Democrats’ defense for granting so much aid to illegals reads as follows:

“With this budget, DREAMers in New York will finally be able to step out of the shadows and use higher education to live their American Dream.¬†By including the Jose Peralta New York State DREAM Act in the budget, we are sending a clear message to our immigrant population that we value their contributions to our state, and we are committed to helping them succeed.”

The Priorities of the Democrats

At the end of the day, the actions of the Democrats are very telling. Clearly, they view illegal immigrants as more important than the children of Gold Star families. If Democrats didn’t see things this way, then you wouldn’t hear them saying that there’s no room in the budget for college tuition¬†funding…as they turn around and hand tens of millions of dollars over to illegal immigrants so they can “live the American Dream.”

Wanting to live the American Dream is all well and good, but there are laws which must be followed. One of the most basic laws involves not crossing the border illegally. If this law cannot be followed, then what rights do the lawbreakers truly have to the American Dream?


How do you feel about the Democrats’ decision to prioritize illegal immigrants over the children of Gold Star families? Let us know in the comments section below!

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