New Statement Released by Trump on Capitol Hill Riots

"President Trump Travels to Texas" (Public Domain) by The White House

Precisely one week after President Trump’s supporters descended upon the United States Capitol, the House of Representatives impeached the 45th president for a second time.
This makes Trump the very first president in our nation’s history to be twice impeached. In the wake of yesterday’s votes from the House, the onus now falls onto the U.S. Senate to conduct a trial accordingly. With six days left until Trump’s presidential term reaches an end, the Senate trial of his impeachment will likely occur after Biden has taken office.

“President Trump Travels to Texas” (Public Domain) by The White House

Following the House’s impeachment, President Trump released a new video statement. In this statement, Trump unequivocally rebuked the violence which rocked the nation’s capital on January 6, Breitbart News reports.

Tuesday’s Remarks from President Trump

On late Tuesday, the 45th president clearly and concisely condemned last week’s violence in Washington D.C. Trump declared that no justification for violence exists; he also made a point of noting that Americans who commit violence and engage in lawbreaking deeds are actually working against all that he stands for.
Upholding the rule of law served as a critical theme in Trump’s message to the American people. The commander-in-chief explained that political violence must end; he furthermore urged for U.S. citizens to come together, seek peace, and hear each other out.

Before Trump’s public address concluded, he cautioned against decisions to “censor, cancel, and blacklist” Americans. This served as an indirect reference to the multiple social media sites and payment processors that have banned the president and his companies.
Trump’s remarks about attacks on free speech also arrive as Parler, a popular free speech site, is working to come back online after de-platforming from Amazon Web Services, Google Play, and Apple.

Can America Unite and Heal?

The prevailing message of President Trump’s remarks asserted that the time for the nation to heal and unite has arrived.
Calls for unity and healing have also come from Democrats; however, as their party urges togetherness, Democrats also refer to conservative senators as Nazis and suggest that Trump supporters ought to be “rehabilitated.”

The potential for unity and healing in the nation will be seen as 2021 goes on. Yesterday, on the House floor, Republicans warned that Democrats’ calls for unity and healing ring hollow in light of the left’s collective behavior and double standards.
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