New Poll Devastates Biden Administration

Throughout his four years in the White House, President Donald Trump had poor poll ratings. Now his replacement, President Joe Biden, is facing the very same destiny. A new national poll reveals Biden’s popularity among Americans remains low.

Can Biden Survive This?

Only 37% of Americans polled by Quinnipiac University approve of Biden’s job performance as president, with the remaining 52% giving him a downvote. The survey was held from October 15 to 18 and results were published on Tuesday.

Biden’s electoral woes are compounded by the fact only 28% of registered Independent voters approve of his work performance, whereas 56% do not. According to the Quinnipiac poll, conservatives disagree with the president’s management of his responsibilities by a 95 percent – 3 percent majority, while Democrats favor by an 80 percent – 11 percent margin.

The poll’s percentages remain essentially identical to Quinnipiac’s recent national poll; this poll found Biden with a 38 percent approval rating and a 53 percent disapproval rating.

After his first six months in the presidency, Biden’s approval numbers were in the low-to-mid 50s. However, the president’s popularity began to dwindle in August, following Biden’s widely panned handling of the tumultuous US exit from Afghanistan.

The spike in COVID instances this season, among mostly the unvaccinated, resulted in the spread of the highly contagious delta variant, as the country continues to fight the coronavirus.

Crisis after Crisis Led to the Low Numbers

The recent influx of migrants attempting to get into the United States along the southern border has caused low ratings for Biden. Rising inflation and a surge in gas and food costs also contributed to the president’s low approval ratings.

Biden received 40% support among a slightly smaller group of eligible voters, with 51% opposing. In a current Fox News poll, the president received 50 percent support and 49 percent disapproval. A fresh national survey will be released by Fox News on Wednesday.

Real Clear Politics created an average of all new nationwide polls on the administration’s approval ratings. Only 38% of Americans think positively of Biden, while 50% think negatively of the president. Trump’s popularity was divided, with 39 percent favoring him and 52 percent opposing him.

Trump is very strong with many of these Republican voters and tremendously powerful with GOP leaders, nine months after leaving the White House. Trump also continues playing a kingmaker’s role in politics and threatens a potential presidential candidacy in 2024.

However, he also maintains assertions the 2020 vote was stolen and plagued by “huge voter fraud.” In addition, the former president continues to advocate for vote audits in a number of states.

The majority of those polled – 58 percent – said voters wouldn’t want Trump to run for the presidency again in 2024; only 35 percent indicated they would. However, backing for another Trump White House candidacy has risen to 78 percent among Republicans.