New California Bill Lets Prison Inmates Select Gender Identification

"California National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The Golden State is home to many challenges and controversies that have arisen over the course of 2020.
Earlier this month, Governor Gavin Newsom met with President Trump to discuss the presence of wildfires in the state. Unfortunately, the wildfires in California are far from the only issues that state residents are battling.

Power outages, shutdowns, mask mandates, etc., are each matters that Californians are forced to contend with, thanks to their Democrat governor. Now, Townhall reports that Newsom has signed legislation that allows California inmates to determine which gender they identify as.

A Closer Look at the Latest Radical Bill to Pass in California

For quite some time in California, inmates were assigned to facilities in accordance with their innate gender.
Newsom, however, decided that this practice is harmful to members of the transgender community. This is why the new bill he signed mandates that California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation asks inmates whether or not they view themselves as transgender, intersex, or even nonbinary.
The answer provided by inmates will ultimately determine which facility they are set to carry out their sentences in; furthermore, Newsom’s legislation requires that inmates be addressed by the pronouns that make them feel most comfortable.

The California governor’s decision to put the final stamp of approval on this legislation comes after the signing of yet another controversial bill; just earlier this month, Newsom decided that it was acceptable to allow adults the opportunity to stay off the sex offender registry if they have sex with minors who are no more than one decade younger than them.
Both of the aforementioned bills are being branded as legislation to promote more equality for transgender individuals.

Real Issues Facing California

The California governor is facing a series of criticisms for the manners in which he’s chosen to govern in 2020. Despite Newsom’s actions to the contrary, the Golden State is facing real issues that go beyond the gender identification of prison inmates.
It is no secret that California shuttered its economy with massive shutdowns lasting for long periods of time. Certain parts of the state have begun to reopen; however, the damage is still there.

Weeks ago, Newsom announced that he could not afford to cover $100 in unemployment for California residents; this arrived even after the federal government agreed to cover three times this amount.
Despite not being able to help his own residents recover from his imposed shutdowns, the California governor has never struggled with handouts for illegal immigrants.
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