New Antifa Riots Overtake Tacoma, Washington

"George Floyd Riot" (CC BY 2.0) by Chicago Crime Scenes

Since Joe Biden’s short time as president, multiple Antifa riots have overtaken various communities. In keeping with Antifa’s MO, the radical leftist group is destroying property, breaking into businesses, holding up traffic, and setting American flags on fire.
During the 46th president’s inaugural speech, he spoke of healing the nation and bringing people together; yet, within less than a week of the Biden presidency, he’s killed thousands of union jobs and starting fighting for mass amnesty. This comes on top of Biden’s decision to nominate a potential Treasury Secretary who seeks to replace the gas tax with a mileage tax.

“George Floyd Riot” (CC BY 2.0) by Chicago Crime Scenes

Biden speaks of unity and healing; yet, he does not govern in accordance with these principles. While the 46th president also refuses to acknowledge the existence and danger of Antifa, the militant organization is continuing to wreak chaos across America, Breitbart News confirms.

Antifa Strikes Yet Again

Yesterday night, Antifa brought havoc and destruction to Tacoma, Washington. On Sunday, members of the far-left group smashed car windows, obstructed traffic, and lit fires in the middle of the streets. Antifa anarchists also took it upon themselves to instigate physical fights and break into buildings.
The footage and photos that made their way on social media chronicled last night’s events and were disturbing, to say the least. Sadly, this is one of many riots from Antifa that’s happened in America since the election of Joe Biden.

Many Democrats faulted President Trump for various outbreaks of violence and mayhem; they also argued that removing Trump from office would unify the nation and allow people to heal. Less than one week into the Biden administration, though, and riots are not going away.
This creates the sound argument that tying riots to Trump’s presidency is simply not honest or in keeping with reality.

Silence from the Biden Administration

The 46th president’s talk of bringing people together rings hollow in light of the events happening in America.
Biden, who has previously downplayed the existence and threat of Antifa, is nowhere to be found. The 46th president has no issue with signing — and later violating — his own mask mandate; yet, he hasn’t addressed the cities and American citizens suffering due to Antifa’s antics.

Ironically, several Antifa riots have taken place as a means of opposition against Biden’s administration.
What do you think about the Antifa riots that broke out in Tacoma, Washington last night? As the president, does Biden have a responsibility to acknowledge and move to stop these riots? Let us know in the comments section below.