Never Trump “Republicans” Look to Start Anti-Trump GOP

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The Never Trump wing of the GOP became rather vocal during the previous four years of the Trump administration. The Lincoln Project remains one of the most established groups of Never Trumpers; yet, amazingly, there doesn’t seem to be many displays of Republicanism or conservatism from the self-professed right-wingers who dislike the 45th president.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Never Trumpers, such as the Lincoln Project, backed Joe Biden for president. Biden’s policies are just about as antithetical to conservatism as it gets; nevertheless, the Never Trump so-called “Republicans” backed Biden simply because he wasn’t Trump. Never Trumpers also have a tendency to attack any Republican who happens to support conservative policies or … (wait for it) … Donald Trump.

In light of the above details, Never Trumpers aren’t taken very seriously in the GOP, nor are they really viewed by the right as legitimate Republicans and conservatives. The Never Trumpers’ newfound interest in starting an anti-Trump GOP as a third-party only further speaks to this, as Townhall confirms.

Never Trumpers During Post-Trump Presidency

With Donald Trump no longer in the White House, many true Republicans and conservatives assumed that Never Trumpers would drop their visceral hatred of the ex-president. This isn’t the case, though.

Instead, the Never Trumpers now claim that Trump’s influence on the GOP is too great and toxic. Hence, folks like Evan McMullin, George Conway, etc., are now looking to start a third-party that would essentially comprise “Republicans” who are anti-Trump.

The talk about launching an anti-Trump third party arrives as John Weaver, a Lincoln Project co-founder, faces credible accusations of sending sexually-harassing messages to at least 20 young men. What’s more is that the Lincoln Project is rumored to have known about this, yet allegedly concealed the information from the public for business reasons.

The Fringes of the GOP

For all intents and purposes, the Lincoln Project, Never Trumpers, and others like them are not representative of most mainstream Republicans. Most conservatives and members of the Republican Party are supportive of Donald Trump, despite him no longer being in office.

With all the issues and scandals surrounding Never Trumpers, one could easily make the case that they have more important things to worry about than launching an anti-Trump Republican Party.

What do you think about Never Trumpers’ interest in starting a third-party that would essentially revolve around hating Donald Trump? Share your viewpoints with us in the comments section below.