Navy Removes Pride Posts

Social media postings honoring LGBTQ+ Pride Month have been removed by the U.S. Navy. These posts included rainbow flags that stated, “Pride.”

Navy Posts Pride Images

As of Friday, June 2, Pride postings that were published on the Navy’s Instagram and Twitter pages on Thursday, June 1 are now no longer available.

The posts included the phrase “Pride,” styled in various colors alongside images of Navy ships and planes with flowing rainbow trails. They were taken away without warning.

On Twitter, the “End Wokeness” meme account brought to the forefront the removal of an LGBTQ+ Pride flag from the Navy’s page. According to several users’ remarks, the posts were removed in reaction to criticism over the military’s encouragement of Pride.

A U.S. Navy official responded when contacted for clarification, saying the U.S. Navy published visuals in celebration of the beginning of Pride month.

This was done in recognition of the dedication, loyalty, and sacrifices of the LGBTQ+ soldiers and professionals who choose to protect the nation we love.

The spokesman said they will search for more chances to recognize the variety and power of their Sailors, as they do with every Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI) observation month.

The spokesman said members of the LGBTQ+ community defend their nation, give their all to the DOD goal, and deserve a welcoming atmosphere that makes it possible for them to realize their greatest potential.

The Navy made no mention of the reason the posters were taken down.

According to emails previously published by Fox News Digital, Navy officials were reluctant to permit remarks on online posts celebrating Pride month last year, as they anticipated negative feedback.

Fear of Backlash

Based on emails acquired through a Freedom of Information Act request from the Functional Government Initiative, two Navy officers indicated dismay.

This dismay was over the backlash their social media posts celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month received from the general public last year.