Nashville Shooter’s Mother is a Gun Control Activist

Three nine-year-old children were among the six individuals slain by the Nashville school shooter.

The shooter’s mother appears to be a firearm restriction activist who asked followers on Facebook to join an online petition advocating for getting weapons out of schools.

Tragic Shooting

In a status update on Facebook from March 8, 2018, Norma Hale uploaded an online petition to “Keep Guns Out of Schools” that she described as being crucial. The petition appeared to have been created by the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation.

The web address for the petition’s webpage appeared to be inactive.

Another petition from Sandy Hook Promise requesting that Congress “Make Large-Capacity Gun Magazines Illegal” was published by Hale in an additional post from February 21, 2018.

Audrey Hale was the perpetrator of Monday’s tragic shooting spree at the Covenant School.

Authorities claimed the 28-year-old was armed with a minimum of two assault rifles, a pistol, and was thought to have attended the Christian school in the past.

Norma Hale, who looked to be an administrator at the Village Chapel in Nashville, raved over both of her kids for various accomplishments and landmarks in a number of other Facebook posts. These posts were from several years ago.

She also praised her child for dazzling a professor at Nossi College of Art in a Facebook post from March 15, 2017 and mentioned the educator had suggested her daughter for an awards contest.

The delighted mother stated she was so proud of what Audrey managed to accomplish.

What Went Wrong for Audrey?

She said Audrey had written thank you letters to each of her lecturers at the conclusion of her summer semester. Audrey especially showed her thanks to one professor who tragically lost her child in an automobile crash a year earlier.

This was reported by the shooter’s mother in an August 2015 social media post.