Nancy Pelosi Wants to See President Trump in Jail

Many leading Democrats are alleging that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed them of her desire to see President Trump in jail, according to Fox News.
While Pelosi has not come out and affirmed that she made this comment, it’s honestly not that far-fetched, all things considered.

What You Need to Know

Pelosi allegedly delivered the comment about wanting to see the president in jail during her attendance at a meeting with leading Democrats. The House Speaker has had a series of issues with President Trump; those issues include immigration, Democrats’ calls to impeach and more.
At this time, it’s unclear exactly what triggered Pelosi to publically declare her interest in seeing Trump incarcerated. Nevertheless, the specific statements from her allegedly read as follows:

“I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.”

This comes nearly a week after Pelosi stated that she “knows what path [she’s] taking,” in reference to impeaching the president.
See for yourself:

Are the two statements connected? Only time will tell.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Nancy Pelosi’s commentary about wanting Trump in jail has raised some eyebrows, but it also confirms what many conservatives have known for quite some time. The Democrats are driven by an insane bloodlust to take down the president. Pelosi may have openly stated what she really feels behind closed doors, but imagine how many other Democrats feel this way, yet just remain silent.
The interest in seeing President Trump locked up is why Democrats refuse to let go of the Russia investigation, even when the facts are clear: the president did not collude. Furthermore, this is the reason Democrats continue to accuse the president of various crimes, such as obstruction of justice. No matter what Trump says or does, no matter how much he tries to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats, they aren’t going for it.
At the end of the day, the only things which the Democrats truly care about are ending Trump’s presidency and, as Pelosi stated, “seeing him in prison.”
What do you think of the alleged comments made by the Speaker of the House? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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