Nancy Pelosi Secretly Linked to Communist China Through Son’s Investments

(Paul Pelosi Jr. accompanying his mother in Taiwan - photo by The Daily Mail)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to have a secret connection to Communist China. Her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., has been exposed as a multimillion-dollar investor in a Chinese telecommunications company.

Secretly Accompanying Mom in Taiwan

Nancy Pelosi recently paid a visit to Taiwan, infuriating the dictatorship of communist China, which claims the island as its territory.

Pelosi’s exact motivation for paying a visit to Taiwan during her recent Asian tour remains unclear.

While she touted America’s commitment to Taiwanese freedom and democracy, critics suspect she used one of the hottest military and political issues to deflect public attention from scandals surrounding her family.

For all of her tough talk on communist China during her Asian tour, Nancy Pelosi appears to be connected with China. It is precisely her 53-year-old son, Paul Pelosi Jr., who happens to be the connection, a report by The Daily Mail has revealed.

To top it all off, it has also been revealed that Pelosi Jr. even accompanied his mother on her trip to six Asian nations, even though his presence hadn’t been announced.

(Paul Pelosi Jr. accompanying his mother in Taiwan – photo by The Daily Mail)

The Pelosis’ Big Bad Chinese Connection

The report revealed that Paul Pelosi Jr. has a sizable investment in Borqs Technologies.

This is a $22 million Chinese telecoms company active in the field of “Internet of Things” and it is a firm whose top executive got arrested as part of a fraud investigation.

Besides investing in the company, Pelosi Jr. worked for it; he held either a board position or a consultancy role, as per documents of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

For his services to Borqs Technologies, Nancy Pelosi’s son even got awarded a total of 700,000 shares several years back, which, at the time, made him the fifth biggest shareholder in the firm.

Subsequently, after other shareholders sold stock, he became the second biggest shareholder as of June 2021, with only the CEO, Pat Sek Yuen Chan, having more shares than him.

As of May 2022, however, Pelosi Jr. went down in the shareholder rankings.

Back in September 2019, the president of one of the company subsidiaries was arrested by Chinese law enforcement; accounting records and contracts were also seized as part of a fraud investigation.

The same report revealed that Paul Pelosi Jr. even secretly accompanied his 82-year-old mother on her recent trip to Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and several other Asian nations.

The House Speaker’s son’s name was not mentioned in the official announcements on the delegation that was distributed by Nancy Pelosi’s office.

However, Paul Pelosi Jr. could be seen in some of the photos taken in Taiwan; her office admitted he was his mother’s “escort,” substituting her husband, Paul Pelosi Sr.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.