Nadler Succumbs to Delusion: House Case "Proven Beyond Any Doubt"

Over the course of this week, Democrats in Congress have attempted to do damage control. They know their impeachment sham is the weakest and thinnest in history. Republicans have called them out for it and even certain folks within the Democrat Party have indicated reluctance and disapproval of what’s taking place.

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony” (Public Domain) by The White House

Democrat leaders won’t outrightly admit the flaws of their supposed case; however, they are attempting to strengthen it by calling for additional witnesses in the Senate. Despite failing to make the case in the House and being fearful of allowing their case to stand as is, Democrats are pretending as if they’re in a good position.

Last night, House Impeachment Manager Jerry Nadler stood before the Senate body and claimed that Democrats’ case is “proven beyond any doubt,” according to Breitbart News. Moments later, Nadler expressed the belief that Democrats ought to be able to bring additional witnesses forward in order to back a supposedly solid case.

A Closer Look at Nadler’s Contradictions

Nadler’s argument about the solidity of House Democrats’ case is inherently contradictory. The House Impeachment Manager maintains that a solid case against the president shouldn’t bar Democrats from presenting “more proof if it comes forward.” When Nadler says “proof,” he’s referring to unsubstantiated claims against the president in leaked book manuscripts from former national security advisor John Bolton.

Nevertheless, either Nadler knows his own words are untrue or he’s truly succumbed to delusion. Democrats cannot have it both ways: either their case is as solid as they claim and therefore doesn’t need any additional proof OR Democrats forced through the weakest, thinnest sham and they’re now trying to block the Senate from acquitting Trump. Of course, any reasonable person knows that the latter is what’s happening here.

Throughout these entire proceedings, Democrats have failed to present a real case against Trump. Their party has furthermore failed to convince any Republicans that impeachment is warranted. The one thing Democrats succeeded in is alienating members of their own party who are sick of the games.

Look no further than Jeff Van Drew who switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party after tiring of the impeachment sham.

The Weakest, Thinnest Impeachment in History

What Nadler and the rest of Democrats are doing will be forever regarded as the weakest and thinnest impeachment in history. The left never once had a solid case against this president; their agenda was always about removing Trump simply because they don’t like him.

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony” (Public Domain) by The White House

With the 2020 election underway, Democrats are terrified because none of their candidates stand a chance of winning; the only way the left could truimph in 2020 is by removing Trump from office. This is why they continue to grasp at straws and do anything they believe will hurt the president.

Do you believe Democrats have proven their case against the president “beyond any doubt?” Let us know your thoughts on Nadler’s claims in the comments section below!