Why Are All of Russia’s Billionaires Dying?


Since Putin attacked Ukraine in February, oil millionaire Alexander Subbotin has become the sixth Russian tycoon to die under bizarre circumstances.

Subbotin was knocked out by a toxic frog throughout a shaman’s migraine cure, as per Moscow authorities.

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Murder and Mystery

Subbotin, 43, had been an executive with Lukoil, Russia’s biggest private oil business.

He was also the proprietor of the New Transportation Company, a profitable shipping company established in Finland.

On Sunday evening, authorities discovered Subbotin’s body in the basement area of a residence in Mytishschi, a Moscow neighborhood.

The property is owned by Aleksei Pindyurin, who professes to be a healer with mystical abilities and goes by the nickname “Magua Flores.”

Shaman Magua and his female partner Tina Cordoba (real identity Kristina Teikhrib) provided a range of services to their clientele, ranging from communicating with spirits to radical alternative medical remedies.

After overindulging in booze and narcotics, Subbotin allegedly traveled to them, hoping for headache treatment.

“They made an opening on the skin, poured toad venom there, and the patient purportedly recovered after vomiting.”

They reportedly summoned spirits, sacrificed creatures, and washed in rooster’s blood, according to an account on the encrypted Telegram chat network.

Subbotin’s accompanying witch doctors agreed to give him a herbal tranquilizer and let him rest in their dungeon. This was a room “used for Jamaican occult rituals,” when he informed them he wasn’t feeling well after their headache cure.

Subbotin died during the night after suffering a heart attack, as per an initial police report. After the shamans summoned an EMT, he was declared dead on the spot.

The Dead Are Piling Up

The run of mystery oligarch killings began on February 25, the day after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Aleksandr Tyulyakov, a key executive for Russia’s state energy corporation Gazprom, was found hanging in his garage with a suicide letter nearby.

Shortly afterward, another Russian businessman, Mikhail Watford, allegedly killed himself in his carport in the United Kingdom.

Vasily Melnikov, a medicine supply tycoon, was fatally stabbed in his home in Russia on March 24, together with his wife and two boys.

On April 18, business tycoon Vladislav Avayev, his wife, and his daughter were murdered in their Moscow apartment. According to the authorities, Avayev shot his family before turning the pistol on himself.

The suspected demise of a middle-aged Sergei Protosenya, who was found hanged in a house outside Barcelona, Spain, with his daughter and wife fatally stabbed beside him, resumed the billionaire murder rampage on April 21.

A seventh millionaire’s death may be linked to the trend, as top Gazprom head Leonid Shulman was discovered dead in his St. Petersburg house with a farewell letter in January, only weeks before the onslaught on Ukraine started.