Muslim Asylum Seeker Killed His Wife Who Converted to Christianity


The dangers of Sharia Law and radical Islamism continue to rear their ugly heads.

On Thursday, Muslim asylum seeker Dana Abdullah pled guilty to viciously stabbing his wife, Avan Najmadiein to death in October 2018 after she converted from Islam to Christianity. In killing his wife, Abdullah also killed the mother of his four, young children.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, Abdullah was furthermore angered by his wife’s decision to not back his application to remain in the United Kingdom.

Everything You Need to Know

Sadly, Abdullah’s gruesome murder of Najmadiein was not his first criminal offense. He was previously deported from the United Kingdom for the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old girl. Abdullah had also previously stated that he would execute his wife because of her conversion to Christianity.

Detectives who worked on the case involving Abdullah and Najmadiein described the former as “arrogant and controlling.” Ultimately, he begrudged his wife for switching to Christianity and not supporting his desire to stay in the United Kingdom.

Judge Michael Chambers, who hit Abdullah with a sentence of at least 18 years and one month behind bars, shared the following remarks about the murder:

“It does show that you are not someone of good character. Having been deported for that matter, you chose to come back into this country illegally and have committed this very serious crime. This was, on any view, a planned and pre-meditated murder involving a brutal and sustained attack using a knife – knowing full well that it would deprive four children under the age of eight of their mother.”

After stabbing his wife to death, Abdullah attempted to incinerate her body. Following this, he fled to England and then Scotland. Finally, Abdullah surrendered to Glasglow police, but did not inform them that he stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife. Instead, he simply claimed to be a “failed asylum seeker.”

Individuals who leave Islam are at a reportedly high risk, particularly in the United Kingdom.


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