Move Over, Acosta! CNN’s Andy Cohen Nearly Loses NYE Press Pass Over An Umbrella

It seems as though political correspondent Jim Acosta isn’t the only one to deal with press pass complications. On New Year’s Eve, Andy Cohen, another CNN correspondent almost lost his press pass after refusing to do away with his umbrella, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

What Happened on New Year’s Eve?

On Monday night, Cohen joined colleague Anderson Cooper at the New York City Times Square. During Cohen and Cooper’s tenure at Times Square, it just so happened to be raining. Like most people who find themselves caught in the rain, Cohen took an umbrella with him. However. the political correspondent’s umbrella caused more issues than he apparently anticipated.

During Cohen’s time on air, he explained a situation which transpired between himself and an employee with the Times Square Alliance.

“I had this umbrella. The lady from the Times Square Alliance came over and said, ‘You have to get rid of the umbrella.’ I said, ‘I won’t do it.’ […] Get the paddywagon. Now they’re threatening to pull CNN’s spot from the credential, from Times Square for next year.”

Amused, Cooper drew a parallel between Cohen’s experience and issues which Jim Acosta has had with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

The Outcome

At this time, CNN has still maintained their place at the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations within Times Square. Of course, the situation raises questions about whether or not Cohen should have simply given up his umbrella when requested by the Times Square Alliance worker.


What do you think? Was Andy Cohen right or wrong in his insistence upon keeping his umbrella? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.

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