Most Swing Voters Fault Biden for Southern Border Crisis

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The beginning of the Southern border crisis happened when Biden repealed immigration policies from the Trump administration. When the 46th president was pressed about his decision to implement so many executive orders, Biden declared that he was merely fixing poor policies. 

Time, however, hasn’t beared this out. As a matter of fact, since Biden repealed the Remain in Mexico policy and other Trump-era immigration reforms, the border crisis has worsened. Biden might as well have shouted from the rooftops for all migrants to make their way to the Southern border. 

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Right now, the border is overwhelmed; children are in packed, crowded facilities that lack the necessary and appropriate resources. According to Breitbart News, a fresh poll shows that most swing voters in America fault President Biden for the Southern border crisis. 

Here’s What Swing Voters Think About Joe Biden

According to Rasmussen Reports, 57% of swing voters think President Biden’s policies and rhetoric led to the current mess at the Southern border. Only 30% of swing voters did not fault Biden, whereas 12% stated that they lacked certainty about whether or not the president has engendered the current crisis. 

This news is troubling for Biden; however, the Rasmussen Reports poll gets even more interesting when broken down into racial demographics. According to the findings, 44% of African-American voters faulted the president for the border crisis; other voters who are not white or black also collectively faulted Biden at 55%. 

47% of young voters also stated that Biden bears responsibility for the current situation at the Southern border. 74% of GOP voters and 30% of Democrats are also in agreement that President Biden created the Southern border crisis. 

A Tone-deaf and Oblivious President

Over the weekend, Biden told reporters that he would “at some point” go visit the Southern border. Many Americans criticized this as tone-deaf and oblivious, especially since Biden is actively keeping the press away from interior border facilities. 

For all intents and purposes, Biden is consistently dodging the border crisis. He will not hold a press conference; furthermore, the president has not released a statement about an active plan to get the crisis under control and prevent future flare-ups. 

What do you think about the majority of swing voters faulting President Biden for what is currently happening at the Southern border? Do you believe the 46th president’s policies and rhetoric have led to the current nightmare? Let us know in the comments section below.