Most Americans Back Trump's Travel Bans in COVID-19 Era

"Governors’ Video Teleconference on Partn" (Public Domain) by The White House

Contrary to what many Democrats would like Americans to believe, the vast majority of people in this country support the president’s measures to take on coronavirus.
COVID-19 continues to pose as a threat, despite steps to flatten the curve. At this time, Americans remain encouraged to practice social distancing, stay home when possible, and avoid close contact with other people. Likewise, several mayors and governors across the nation have issued stay-at-home orders and shut down “non-essential” businesses.

When President Trump first announced travel bans as a means to halt the spread of coronavirus, he took immediate heat from the left. Democrats didn’t hesitate to write off this measure as hateful and xenophobic; however, a new study from the Pew Research Center confirms that roughly 95% of Americans support travel bans as a means of stopping coronavirus.

Reviewing the Data

Numbers don’t lie. According to the aforementioned study, 96% of Republicans and Republican-leaning Americans support the president’s travel bans. The same is true for 94% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning individuals, thus equalizing to an approximate average of 95% support.
In recent weeks, Americans have already learned that coronavirus originated in China; had China taken certain measures, a significant portion of COVID-19’s spread could’ve been prevented.

Additional findings from Pew Research Center confirm that significant majorities of Republicans and Democrats alike support cancellations of schools and major events, delays of state primary elections, and more.

Bipartisanship vs. Petty Politics

Despite the overwhelming support for the president’s management of coronavirus, Democrat leaders in Washington have yet to catch up. This is why Pelosi, Schumer, and others keep taking aim at Trump’s management of the virus.

Likewise, these people continue to dismiss the president’s warning about the need to avoid economic destruction while fighting coronavirus. Contrary to what some on the left are claiming, our nation’s economy doesn’t have to be a casualty of COVID-19’s destruction. This is a point President Trump has affirmed in his assertion that the cure can’t be worse than the problem itself.
What do you think about President Trump’s travel bans? How long do you think coronavirus will continue to pose a threat to the United States? Let us know in the comments section below!