Most Americans Agree the Country is Strongly Divided

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The United States remains unfortunately and deeply divided. 

Over the past year, the nation has been largely split on the most appropriate ways to handle coronavirus. Some people believe that shutting everything down, forcing everyone to wear masks, closing businesses, restricting travel, etc., is all OK in the name of stopping COVID-19. Folks with this outlook also don’t see any issues with stripping folks of their individual liberties and handing over so much control to the government. 

“American Flag” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by PMillera4

Then, another segment of Americans sees things differently. This group understands that while being cautious about this virus is reasonable, extensive government intrusion and control is not acceptable. 

When President Biden was sworn into the White House, he gave this grand speech about ending divides in America. However, as Breitbart News reports, more than eight out of ten Americans agree that the nation remains strongly divided. 

Division in the United States of America

On Sunday, NBC News released a poll showing that most Americans believe the country is strongly divided, despite the current president. 82% of U.S. citizens agreed that America is not unified; furthermore, only 36% of Americans opined that the nation is on the right track. 

This poll speaks volumes. Despite Biden’s inaugural address, he has failed to govern as a unifying leader. He’s rejected opportunities to meet with Republican leaders, such as the GOP’s Kevin McCarthy.

Time and time again, Biden proves that getting what he wants via Democrats in Congress is more important than genuinely reaching across the political aisle and getting bipartisan bills passed. 

Not only has Biden rejected opportunities for bipartisanship, but he’s also intentionally furthered partisan divides. As states work to secure elections via commonsense legislation, the president demonizes these bills as racist relics of the Jim Crow era. Time and time again, Biden has proven that to him, bipartisanship is nothing more than a word. 

What Does it Take to Achieve Unity?

Biden’s methods of leadership thus far are not in the realm of what it takes to achieve unity. 

The attainment of unity means going in the opposite direction that Biden has gone. One great start would be not increasing taxes on the public to pay for expensive government handouts. Another approach would be approaching election integrity bills with honesty, rather than demonizing them as inherently racist. 

Do you think the United States remains deeply divided under President Biden? Let us know what you believe in the comments section below.