More Biden Overreach – Mask Mandates For your Kids

Even as a catastrophe rages in Afghanistan, President Biden indicated on Wednesday that he’s ordering Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to go against jurisdictions that have banned mask mandates in classrooms, up until and including legal proceedings.

The president’s comments on masks in classrooms come after the Taliban stormed into command of Afghanistan in a matter of a few days; meanwhile, the Army is struggling to rescue American civilians and partners from the Kabul airport.

Westerners should contemplate traveling to the airfield for departure, according to State Department messages; however, the US administration cannot guarantee military protection through the remainder of the Taliban-controlled capital.

What They Call Safeguarding is Actually Tyranny and Overreach

In comments at the White House, Biden stated that today, he is directing the Education Secretary to take extra attempts to safeguard our schoolchildren. This involves and uses all of Biden’s supervisory powers and, if necessary, legal action.

This legal action would come against governors who Biden believes are coercing and hindering local education authorities and teachers by letting parents choose if their kids wear masks. Biden then did not take questioning about Afghanistan.

One step Cardona might take, according to Biden, is to utilize funds from the COVID-19 stimulus package recently passed this year to compensate a local executive’s pay if a governor reduces it due to a mask requirement. Masks, on the other hand, are divisive, particularly among the young and developing youngsters.

DeSantis Stands Strong Aginst the Administration

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a conservative who has barred local governments from enforcing mask laws, criticized Biden for looking at the wrong issue with his mask comments on Wednesday.

When all of this was happening in Afghanistan, as well as one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes on the border in our country’s history, inflation, and rising gas prices, what was Biden doing? According to DeSantis, Biden is hell-bent on forcing elementary school kids to wear a mask to class the whole day.

Biden will urge Cardona to use all resources available to guarantee that states and other authorities are ensuring a safe recovery to in-person education for the nation’s children, according to a White House information sheet released on Wednesday.

With sufficient safety procedures, all institutions may and therefore should reopen securely this autumn for full-time, in-person education, according to the fact sheet. Cardona’s stance in support of mandatory masking in schools, according to the document, will include an assessment of whether to take the steps toward the beginning of probable criminal prosecutions under applicable legislation.

Meanwhile, as Biden threatens Republican governors with legal action, he hasn’t directed a fraction of this energy towards the Taliban. He hasn’t directed a fraction of this energy towards fixing the crisis he created in Afghanistan.