Modern Day Slavery is Present in Biden’s America


Retired Homeland Security workers are saying the issue at the US-Mexico border is worsening criminal behavior.

They also warn that combating criminality starts with border security, while the White House celebrates the month of National Human Trafficking Awareness.

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Is Biden Doing Enough?

In December, the Biden government issued an updated national way to fight modern slavery, which is not the same as human smuggling, but is commonly confused with it.

President Biden signed a presidential proclamation last week, declaring January to be Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

“Trafficking, whether this takes the form of slave labor, sexual exploitation, or other forms, is a morally reprehensible misuse of power.”

“It is a deeply immoral crime that jeopardizes the safety, health, and dignity of large numbers of people around the world,” President Biden said in a presidential decree commemorating National Sex Trafficking Prevention Season.

“We renew our obligation to protect and strengthen victims of all types of human trafficking, to punish offenders, and to bring an end to human smuggling in the United States and around the globe during National Human Trafficking Awareness Month,” he added.

Former DHS employees, even those who worked in key positions during prior governments, told Fox News if the goal is to stop traffickers, the ongoing migration crisis at the boundary should be the first focus.

“If you don’t take border security seriously, the trafficking of human beings will grow, and a lot of people will get away with it because there’s not a focus on it,” Thomas Homan, the former acting head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), told Fox News on Tuesday.

“If they’re concerned not just about treating and reacting to smuggling; if they’re genuinely serious about attempting to prevent it, they’d secure our frontiers,” former acting Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) Director Mark Morgan said in an appearance on Wednesday.

Government Agencies Need to Work Harder to Stop the Crisis

According to a former top ICE official, better coordination among agencies is needed during the crisis; right now, crime syndicates are taking full advantage of the circumstances.

“A trafficked victim can be transported. A smuggler can become a trafficking victim,” they stated, adding “we need to be more organized in how we do this.”

Human trafficking does not need a border (or migration), but “individual people who are transported are prone to becoming victims of trafficking and other serious crimes,” according to the White House’s government strategy.

According to the research, Mexico is the leading source country in human trafficking instances involving foreign national victims who are transported to the United States.

It mentions recent examples where victims got trafficked by businesses associated with an area in Central Mexico, transported into the United States, and forced to perform sex acts in New York, Atlanta, and other cities around the country.