Mitch McConnell Trashed in New Statement from Donald Trump

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On Saturday, 43 of 50 Republican senators voted to acquit former President Trump of incitement of insurrection. With the Senate’s collective votes arriving just ten shy of the necessary 67 to get a conviction, the former president walked away vindicated.

However, not everyone who voted to acquit the 45th president views him as guiltless or blameless. Some Republicans, such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, voted for Trump’s acquittal, but only because of constitutional concerns about putting an ex-president on trial.

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While McConnell’s vote contributed to Trump’s ultimate acquittal on Saturday, the Senate Minority Leader blasted the former president after the trial. McConnell made it clear that he does blame Trump for last month’s insurrection, even suggesting that Trump could possibly face criminal charges.

On Tuesday, the former president responded to McConnell in a jaw-dropping and fiery public statement, according to Breitbart News.

Trump’s Response to Mitch McConnell

In the former president’s public statement yesterday, he declared that McConnell is hindering the strength and respect of the Republican Party. After then ripping the Senate Minority Leader as “unsmiling” and “dour,” Trump professed that he will back Republican primary challengers against McConnell.

Trump’s public statement also included remarks about how he assisted McConnell in politics. The former president pointed out that after McConnell pleaded for Trump’s endorsement, he gave it, hence causing the Senate Minority Leader to surge in the polls and win the 2020 Kentucky election.

After the release of the 45th president’s statement, “Trump and McConnell” trended on Twitter yesterday evening.

Taking Heat from Both Sides

Many Democrats are reacting to the Trump-McConnell fallout with amusement. Left-wing loyalists took to Twitter on Tuesday night, expressing their disapproval and disdain for both Republicans.

Conservatives, on the other hand, reacted differently. Many right-wing media outlets stated that Trump’s response to the Senate Minority Leader was a cold knockout; others supported the 45th president’s promise to back primary challengers against McConnell.

Over the weekend, the Senate Minority Leader took heat from both the GOP and the Democrat Party. Republicans criticized McConnell for his harsh condemnation of the former president on the Senate floor. Democrats, conversely, stated that McConnell intentionally delayed the trial and then used the delay as an excuse to vote for Trump’s acquittal.

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