Mitch McConnell Issues New Rebuke of President Trump

"Federal Judicial Milestones Event at the" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House

Yesterday marked the last full day of President Trump’s term in the White House. This morning, the 45th president departed the historic building, hours before the upcoming inauguration of Joe Biden.
During Trump’s last day as president, he bid the nation farewell. In an address that was pre-recorded at the White House, Trump spoke about his presidential legacy, rebuked the riots on Capitol Hill earlier this month, and talked about the “tough battles” he took on as president; Trump additionally wished the Biden administration well in keeping the nation prosperous and safe.

“President Trump and Vice President Pence” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House

The 45th president wasn’t the only one to deliver remarks, however. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell also had some words to say yesterday regarding Trump and they didn’t include a fond farewell; in fact, McConnell stood before his congressional colleagues yesterday and condemned the outgoing president, Breitbart News confirms.

McConnell’s Rebuke of President Trump

On the Senate floor yesterday, Mitch McConnell discussed the mob that stormed Capitol Hill now 14 days ago.
The GOP Senate leader professed that Trump supporters who broke the law in this fashion suffered from incitement, lies, and provocations. To be precise, McConnell faulted the 45th president and “other powerful people” for the massive security breach of the Capitol.

During McConnell’s remarks yesterday, he also made sure to reiterate that the mob did not win in the end. The Senate leader explained that despite Trump supporters breaking into lawmakers’ offices, delaying congressional proceedings, etc., Congress “stood together” and “pressed on.”

The Impeachment Trial

At some point soon, the U.S. Senate is expected to hold a trial on whether or not impeachment articles against Trump should lead to conviction.
Although the House of Representatives did, in fact, impeach the 45th president for a second time last week, Speaker Pelosi has yet to send the impeachment articles over to the Senate.

Multiple Republicans have called upon Biden to stop the Democrats from proceedings with impeachment proceedings. Congress members like Sen. Lindsey Graham argued that impeachment of a past president would only further divide the country and distract from pressing matters at hand.
At this time, Biden has yet to indicate that he will urge members of his party to cease impeachment proceedings against the 45th president.
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