Mississippi Ends All Coronavirus Restrictions Effective Immediately

"Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, Miss" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund

There’s a fair amount of people in America who have tired of coronavirus restrictions. COVID-19 has an available vaccine and there’s enough information about this virus for people to deduce who is more vulnerable and should therefore take more precautions.

Many conservatives have spoken out against mask mandates, shutdowns, and other restrictions that infringe upon personal freedoms. Unlike the political left, conservatives are not largely on board with the notion that freedoms should be sacrificed simply because of coronavirus.

“American Flag” (CC BY 2.0) by Ken_KMF Strategies

States are beginning to act accordingly. Even the Democrat governors in Michigan and California are admitting that a need to reopen schools is present. On Tuesday, Texas announced that Wednesday, March 10 will mark the end of all coronavirus restrictions.

However, Mississippi went one step further. On Tuesday, Mississippi announced the revocation of all coronavirus restrictions effective immediately, confirms Breitbart News.

No More COVID-19 Restrictions in Mississippi

During a press briefing, Mississippi Republican Governor Tate Reeves announced the arrival of a new executive order.

This executive order lifts the statewide mask mandate in Mississippi; it also frees up businesses to operate at 100% capacity, if they so choose. When making this announcement, Governor Reeves explained that coronavirus cases in Mississippi have significantly fallen, as have hospitalizations from the virus.

The Republican governor’s announcement of no more coronavirus restrictions came well-received from many conservatives across the nation. With so many businesses barely treading water, the ability to operate at full capacity could make a real and positive difference.

Will Other States Follow?

Many red states have taken the approach of attempting to mitigate coronavirus without being too eager to infringe upon personal freedoms.

Georgia never implemented a statewide mask mandate; neither did Florida, although the GOP governor of the Sunshine State has gained immense popularity amongst Republicans for his leadership.

Whether or not additional states follow the lead of Mississippi and Texas remains to be seen. However, there is no denying that many people in this country are ready for business as usual and complete reopenings everywhere.

Thus far, states like Florida, Texas, and Mississippi are leading the way in this direction.

What do you think about Mississippi lifting all coronavirus restrictions, including the statewide mask mandate? Do you hope other states follow the lead in terms of reopening and getting back to normal? Be sure to share your viewpoints with us in the comments section below.