Minute-By-Minute Report Reveals How Officials Helped Parkland Shooter Succeed

A new minute-by-minute report from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel provides a look at the chronological events which occurred on February 14, 2018, the day of the infamous Parkland school shooting.

A Closer Look at the Minute-by-Minute Report

With seconds left until 2:20 PM, a security campus watchman actually crossed paths with Cruz. At the time, Cruz was heading into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He also had a rifle bag on his person. Rather than calling a Code Red, locking down the school, or even pursuing Cruz, the watchman does nothing other than alerting the school’s campus monitor. This is in spite of the fact that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School staffers had predicted Cruz as the student who was most likely to shoot up a school.

Shortly thereafter, the next blunder occurred when the campus monitor sees Cruz. Instead of acting on the alert, the campus monitor turns around and avoids Cruz by using the stairs on the other side of the building. Although a freshmen student actually witnessed Cruz loading his rifle and did alert a football coach about what he saw, the coach, who also possessed a radio, did not call a Code Red.

Seconds later, gunshots followed, as did wasted time in authorities transferring calls; the campus monitor also refused to go into the high school, even after hearing gunshots. He would later be shot by Nikolas Cruz.

The Bottom Line

The Parkland high school shooting is obviously tragic. However, one of the most unfortunate aspects of all is the plethora of missteps taken by people could have prevented this occurrence. Instead of acknowledging these missteps, many liberals have chosen to blame guns and call for stricter crackdowns on Second Amendment rights.

The truth of the matter is that guns do not end lives. Bad people with guns end lives, while good people with guns save lives. Next time, when there are multiple opportunities to stop a bad guy with a gun, those opportunities should be seized as quickly as possible.


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