"Millions" of Illegal Immigrants to Get Booted out of America, Says Trump

The perils of illegal immigration are especially well-documented. Although Democrats continue to turn a blind eye towards illegal immigration (and even enable it in certain instances), someone has to step up to the plate and ensure that it stops.
Fate would have it that someone just so happens to be President Trump. Last night, the president took to Twitter to alert the country of some very real reform which will be happening in regards to illegal immigration, as documented by Fox News.

The Plan to Remove Millions of Illegal Immigrants

Per the statements of President Trump, the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants will commence next week. The president furthermore noted that Mexico has begun stepping up and cracking down on illegal immigrants which usually have to pass through their grounds before reaching America’s Southern border; of course, this happened only after Trump hit Mexico with tariffs. Finally, the president stated that Congressional Democrats’ refusal to take part in halting illegal immigration is in need of a change.
See for yourself:
An official from the Trump administration has divulged details into why such sweeping action is being taken against illegal immigration. Those who unlawfully enter the United States have a tendency to fail to show up for their scheduled court hearings, adopt phony identities, bill hardworking taxpayers via welfare, etc. In spite of what progressives may think and claim, illegal immigration is a harmful and parasitic act, not a benign one.

Additional Details

At this time, Americans will have to wait for more details on exactly how millions of illegal immigrants will be removed from the country. Thus far, the president has not publically revealed the designated methods, nor has Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released an official statement on the matter.
However, over the course of 2019 alone, Southern border officials have been very outspoken about the strain which illegal immigrants put on various resources. It’s high time that this matter is taken seriously and blocked from happening in the future.
What do you think about President Trump’s latest announcement as it pertains to illegal immigration? Let us know in the comments section down below!
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