Milley’s Treason Started Long Before January 6

Under President Trump, a retired undersecretary of the military has charged Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley and another official with collusion. Army Gen. James McConville has been accused of engaging in a “set of behaviors” that exceeded jurisdiction and jeopardized Trump’s potential instructions.

Milley and Others Assumed Control of the Military

E. Casey Wardynski is a former undersecretary of the Military for Personnel and Reserve Operations under the Trump administration. Wardynski accused high-ranking military officers Milley and McConville of saying things that implied they were in charge, during a Fox News interview.

These kind of actions and this readiness for military commanders to surpass their authority and disregard the authority of public officials appointed over them isn’t just something that occurred to them on January 6. Wardynski says this was something they’d been doing for a long time.

Wardynski claims he witnessed “shocking” examples of high-ranking military personnel abusing their position firsthand. Wardynski also explained that this was around during the D.C. riots.

Gen. Milley decided to order components of the 82nd Airborne and the 10th Mountain Division to fly immediately to Fort Belvoir and Andrews. He did this without having to consult the military command structure and via bypassing the chain of command. That is something Wardynski is certain of.

Milley made multiple phone conversations with Chinese authorities in fear that Trump would indeed cause a war with the country. This is according to the latest findings in a book by Washington Post assistant editor Bob Woodward and national political journalist Robert Costa.

Milley told the authorities he would try to warn them about a strike plotted by the US against China. Milley allegedly called his Chinese counterpart after reviewing evidence that indicated Chinese officials thought the US was contemplating an assault on China during military maneuvers in the South China Sea, according to the book.

Trump Says It’s Treason

If accurate, Trump has called the behavior “treasonous.” Milley, however, characterized his interactions with Chinese officials as “normal.”

During multiple violent riots around the country in the summer of 2020, particularly in D.C., Wardynski detailed two distinct instances when McConville warned him he would not be following any unlawful orders from the presidency.

“This isn’t something I expected to hear in 30 years of duty in that outfit,” Wardynski added. “My view was that he was referring to the president’s use of the Insurrection Act.” If there is serious political violence or an insurgency, the Insurrection Act of 1807 enables the president to deploy U.S. military forces and National Guard soldiers.

McConville warned Wardynski again later that year that he would not execute illegal commands from the president. This caused Wardynski to call his attorney as the election approached.

Wardynski said during the phone call, he was concerned about probable turmoil around the election. He also warned the attorney about Army officials who would refuse to accept an order from the president if he commanded the Army to apply the Insurrection Act.