Michigan Shutdown Puts State's Economy in Ruins

"CapCon 2019 Governor Whitmer Speaking at" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

Across the country, there is a pattern: states with the most stringent shutdowns are also suffering from absolutely devastated economies. Ongoing lockdowns are responsible for killing jobs, putting people out of business, and creating a series of additional, long-term issues.

“CapCon 2019 – Governor Gretchen Whitmer” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

States run by Democrats are overwhelmingly suffering some of the worst economic crises. By contrast, most Republican-run states are open to some degree, hence the room for workers and businesses to return to operations and stimulate the economy.
In 2020, Michigan made headlines for being the state with some of the strictest lockdown orders. Now, Breitbart News confirms that the Michigan economy wrapped up last year in utter ruin.

The Fall of the Michigan Economy

Like many other Democrats, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has consistently maintained that her measures saved lives. In actuality, however, her measures crushed jobs, deprived children of their education, put people out of business, and wreaked additional forms of havoc.
In December 2020, Michigan lost 64,400 jobs; the Wolverine State also hit the negative milestone of the 11th highest joblessness rate in America. While Governor Whitmer claims that her measures are helping Michigan residents, Michiganders who are suffering in innumerable ways argue otherwise.

Just earlier this month, the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association (MRLA) called out the Democrat governor. MRLA explained that Whitmer’s orders have caused over 100,000 workers in the hospitality and small operations sectors to face bankruptcy.

More Failed Leftist Leadership

The fallout in Michigan is just another example of what happens when Democrats are running the show.
Whitmer, who opted to keep her state of lockdown for month after month, never lost a single paycheck. Meanwhile, countless employees and business owners lost everything. As the Democrat governor talks about saving lives, she remains publicly indifferent regarding the lives that her measures have destroyed.

Michigan’s return from economic ruin will take some time. It won’t happen overnight, but it will require an economy that is consistently open for business.
Governor Whitmer is far from the only Democrat governor to ruin her state’s economy and hurt the lives of countless residents. The governors of New York, California, etc., are right there with her in destroying lives with tried-and-failed shutdowns.
What do you think about the state of Michigan’s economy? How long will it take for the Wolverine State to recuperate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.