Michigan Sheriffs Won't Enforce Whitmer's Mandatory Face Mask Order

"Michigan State Police cars in front of T" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Corvair Owner

Last week, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer took her mandatory face masking order to new heights.
In a new executive order, Whitmer demanded that businesses refuse entry and service to people who are not wearing face masks. Subsequently, this led to business owners being put in a tight spot; many business owners and their workers expressed concerns about confrontations with individuals who decline to wear face coverings.

Others criticized the Michigan governor for putting the enforcement onus on businesses, to begin with. Next arrived concerns about what Whitmer’s latest order means for individuals who are exempt from face masking.
The Michigan governor’s executive order went into effect on Monday; however, several police sheriffs across the state have already come out and confirmed that they will not uphold the mandatory face mask mandate, reports Breitbart News.

Why Michigan Sheriffs Won’t Uphold Forced Masking

Thus far, police sheriffs in Van Buren, Arenac, Gratiot, and Sanilac Counties maintain that they will not enforce Whitmer’s mandate regarding face coverings. Likewise, these sheriffs are encouraging Michiganders with complaints to direct them to Whitmer’s office, the office of the state attorney general, or the Michigan State Police.
Ultimately, multiple Michigan sheriffs are refusing to uphold Whitmer’s executive order due to its “confusing” nature. Many law enforcement officers have additionally stated that mandatory masking is “bland” and very difficult, if not impossible to enforce.

Response from the Michigan Governor

Since the inception of coronavirus, Whitmer has gained national attention for her increasingly stringent measures. Republicans, and even a few Democrats, accused the Michigan governor of going too far.
At this time, Whitmer is not at all pleased about the multiple Michigan sheriffs who will not uphold forced face masking. In a statement via her spokesperson, Whitmer accused these sheriffs of putting lives “at risk” by failing to enforce compulsory face coverings.

The spokesperson for the Michigan governor also went on to claim that face masks are “simple, effective” tools for stoppping coronavirus transmission. Sheriffs in Michigan mark a growing number of law enforcement leaders across the nation who are not enforcing mandatory mask orders. Texas, Ohio, and other states also have sheriffs that have adopted this approach.
What do you think about the Michigan governor demanding businesses to deny service to people without face coverings? Are you glad that multiple sheriffs in Michigan will not be upholding this mandate? Let us know down below in the comments section.