Michigan Governor Eases State's Stay-at-Home Order

"CapCon 2019 Governor Whitmer Speaking at" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

For months now, Michigan residents have been forced to live under an austere and unconstitutional stay-at-home order.
Throughout this period, Governor Gretchen Whitmer faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike; folks on both sides of the aisle managed to arrive at the conclusion that Whitmer’s order went too far.

For quite some time, the Michigan governor dug her heels in despite criticism, even going as far as to extend her stay-at-home order five consecutive times. However, a change happened yesterday when Whitmer lifted significant parts of her shutdown, reports Fox News.

Assessing the Current Status of Michigan’s Stay-at-Home Order

Under amended guidelines issued by Governor Whitmer, stores and restaurants will be able to resume operations as usual. This includes allowing customers into the premises and permitting residents to dine inside of restaurants. These changes will arrive next week; however, social distancing is still required.
In enacting these new guidelines for Michiganders, the state confirmed that infections and deaths from COVID-19 have sharply declined. Furthermore, hospitals are not overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, unlike situations in previous weeks.

Despite the large lifting of the stay-at-home order, certain businesses, such as gyms, hair salons, etc., shall remain closed.
On Monday, the Michigan governor urged state residents to engage in social distancing and get tested for COVID-19. This new turn of the Michigan stay-at-home order places the state in phase four of reopening.

It’s also critical to note that the new status of Michigan’s stay-at-home order arrives following violent riots in the state over the death of George Floyd.
One of the many buildings targeted by looters and destructive demonstrators was the office of Gov. Whitmer; thus far, she has yet to publically comment on this matter.
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