Michigan Democrat Governor Loses Emergency Powers

"Policy Talks @ the Ford School: The Detr" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by University of Michigan's Ford School

For over six months, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer used the state’s 1945 law for all that it was worth. Despite protests, social appeals, and negative consequences stemming from her own orders, Whitmer employed the Michigan 1945 emergency powers law to force endless extensions of a state of emergency, lockdowns, and more.

After some time, Michiganders got sick of it and started a petition to repeal the law that the Democrat governor relied so heavily upon. After state residents garnered the necessary 340,000+ signature, the Michigan state legislature reviewed the situation and then voted accordingly.
New information from Breitbart News now confirms that Governor Whitmer abused the state’s emergency powers law after the point of April 30 and is thereby barred from continued use of them.

Michigan Unlocked: What You Need to Know

The Michigan Supreme Court ultimately agreed with the hundreds of thousands of Michiganders who signed the petition to strike down her virus edicts.
Whitmer repeatedly used the 1945 emergency law to extend shutdowns and enact other stringent demands. Over the course of 2020 alone, both Republicans and even some Democrats have criticized the Michigan governor’s chosen method of “governing.”

Michigan Republicans celebrated on Friday, as did the leaders of the Unlock Michigan petition. During Whitmer’s abuse of the emergency powers law, she regularly ignored the input and feedback from Michigan Republicans who serve on the state legislature; ultimately, this backfired on her big time.

Statement from Governor Whitmer

Hours after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against her, the Michigan governor issued a statement. Whitmer professed that her orders can remain in place for three more weeks before being later enforced via “alternative sources.”
The Democrat also made sure to let Michigan know that she is “deeply disappointed” about no longer being able to pass sweeping, unilateral orders. Whitmer’s disappointment contrasts with the elation of many Michiganders; prior to the ruling against the Michigan governor, she also apparently urged people not to sign the petition.

Friday’s ruling comes along with a series of other events that seemingly indicate a reckoning on widespread restrictions and edicts. Americans have tired of it. Earlier this week, Mississippi lifted their statewide mask mandate; last month, Alabama residents sued their governor over the mask mandate and other statewide restrictions.
September also marked the period when Florida effectively reopened and disallowed the government from imposing fines upon maskless persons.
Across the nation, Americans are standing up and deciding that enough is enough.
Are you pleased that the Michigan Supreme Court ruled against Governor Whitmer? Do you think other restrictions in blue states will ultimately meet a similar fate? Let us know in the comments section below!