Michigan Businesses Ordered to Deny Service to Unmasked Persons

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is yet again making headlines for what many Americans view as excessively strict responses to coronavirus.
Earlier this year, Whitmer came under intense fire after issuing — and repeatedly extending — stay-at-home orders. The governor’s order banned Michiganders from purchasing “non-essential” items in open stores, traveling to friends’ homes, and even being out past a certain time.

Now, Governor Whitmer is facing heat for one of her recently-signed executive orders. This mandate demands businesses to deny service to individuals who are not wearing face coverings; such an order is already facing backlash, especially from Michigan business owners, confirms Fox News.

The Newest Plight of Michigan Business Owners

The past several months have not provided the best of times to business owners in Michigan. Shutdowns hurt and eliminated many businesses; the phased reopening, while better than forcible closures, still poses certain challenges for those with an enterprise to run.
Ultimately, business owners in Michigan are apprehensive about Whitmer essentially forcing them to uphold her executive order.

In the governor’s order, businesses that do not deny service to individuals without masks are liable to lose their business licenses; however, Whitmer has failed to explain how she expects businesses to screen individuals who fall into categories of exemptions.
On top of that, certain sheriff departments in Michigan have furthermore urged state residents not to call the police to report maskless individuals.

Confrontations About Wearing Face Masks

In Michigan and in other areas, confrontations about wearing face masks have turned dangerous. One security guard in Michigan was actually shot and killed a few months ago after blocking a customer without a mask from entering a store.
Over the past few weeks, multiple videos have gone viral of people freaking out in stores, screaming when being told to put on masks, and even trashing businesses that uphold forced mask mandates.

In light of this, many Michigan businesses do not want to be on the line for upholding Whitmer’s order; under the terms of her order, Whitmer is subjecting workers to irate customers who feel slighted by forced mask mandates.
The Michigan governor has yet to address these concerns regarding her executive order. If things continue as they’ve been, Michigan residents and businesses should expect more clashes and tension over the implementation of forced masking.
What do you think about the Michigan governor’s executive order? Do you believe businesses should be on the line for upholding Whitmer’s forced masking mandate? Let us know down below in the comments section.