Michael Cohen, Omarosa Bond Over Hatred for Trump

In the world of politics, alliances are formed for various reasons. Sometimes, people have a vested interest in supporting one another. In other cases, alliances develop for the sake of promoting certain legislation or getting to know the other members of a political party.

Throughout American political history, we’ve witnessed various individuals align themselves with one another for the sake of taking down a common enemy. Republicans and Democrats do this all the time when they’re running against one another for office.

One of the latest alliances appears to be between former Trump aide Omarosa Newman and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. Both Newman and Cohen have apparently bonded with one another, according to an unnamed source cited by Fox News. Furthermore, Newman has apparently visited Cohen in prison since the latter began serving his three-year sentence for fraud and campaign finance violations.

The Alliance Between Newman and Cohen

First and foremost, it’s important to note that one of Cohen’s spokespersons has denied claims that Newman ever visited the former Trump lawyer in prison. However, the source which states otherwise provides very specific details.

Newman is said to have begun visited Cohen in June and “has taken on the role of his personal adviser/coach.” Apparently, both parties have managed to connect with one another, due to their “common disdain for the president.” Both Cohen and Newman started off in the president’s good graces but eventually lost favor.

Newman’s time in the White House was cut short following her termination at the hands of then-chief-of-staff John Kelly, Throughout her service to the White House, Newman repeatedly made enemies and secretly recorded conversations. She would later leak her recordings in order to promote a memoir about her time in the White House.

Cohen’s fall from grace came after he landed in legal trouble regarding the management of his businesses and how he conducted himself as Trump’s lawyer. Not long after the FBI raided Cohen’s office, he turned on the president and began to implicate Trump in a series of wrongdoings.

Additional Details

As Cohen serves his prison sentence, Newman is facing her own troubles. Earlier this year, the Justice Department hit Newman with a lawsuit as a result of her failure to file a financial disclosure report for 2017.

Last year, President Trump’s campaign also took legal action against Newman violating a confidentiality agreement that she signed in 2016; Newman’s memoir about her time in the White House served as the act of violation, according to the president’s campaign.

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